Picture the world with a vision.



Jeara’s mission is to create a moment when each person realizes the creativity they already have.

We would be happy if we could make people feel that “I can do it, too,” which would spur them to take the initiative to “create an ideal world,” and lead them to a vibrant life.
















Most people, as they grow older, repress their senses and sensibilities, not only hiding their creativity, but denying it. As they grow older, most people suppress their own senses and sensibilities, not only hiding their creativity but also denying it, and limiting their independence. It’s as if they are conforming to the standards of the people around them.

However, children will impulsively draw pictures, build a cardboard base, or start a new game of tag with their friends.

There was a time when we adults were children without exception. When we were children, we spent our days thinking, “I want to do that! “Interesting! “Wow!” “Cool! ” When we were children, we probably accepted what we felt impulsively and transmitted it honestly.

By nature, we are all creative and proactive.

Now that AI is able to do most of the work, the only thing that can create value for humans is creativity.

We all need to be creative.

Fortunately, humans, who are influenced by their impulses at a moment’s notice, are able to come up with unexpected and irrational answers, unlike AI, which can only come up with logically optimal solutions at the moment.

We at Jeara believe that in the future, it will be worthwhile to polish the creativity that humans possess.

I believe that the most important role of Jeara is to start by removing the “belief” that we are not creative.

I believe that when a person goes from thinking that they are not creative to thinking that they are creative, their creativity will improve exponentially and they will create new things explosively.

As long as you think that you don’t have creativity, or that you can’t polish your creativity, it will be difficult to polish your creativity.

It’s like soaking a sponge in water while it’s still in plastic, and the plastic of your beliefs gets in the way and prevents it from being absorbed.

This is why we at Jeara believe that it is necessary to aim to create an environment where people’s assumptions can be removed, and that this will lead to the refinement of their creativity and motivation to be proactive.

In order to achieve this goal, we aim to create an environment where students can continue to learn by providing practical art skills and art mindsets in the form of courses, customizing them in a way that they can become more interested in and discover their own creativity.

As an extension of this, we believe that when each proactive individual feels the significance of his or her own activities, the entire society will be energized, and a world in which the entire human race will evolve and become more prosperous will be born.



Become a professional who creates “maybe I can do it too.





Rather than feeling forced to do something by someone else, it is better for human beings to work on something when they feel the urge to do it on their own, which leads to an inquiring mind, deeper understanding, and greater growth.

It’s like the relationship between the north wind, which tries to take off the traveler’s coat with a gust of wind, and the sun, which provides warmth that makes the traveler want to take off his or her own coat.

We at Jeara, with our warm heart like the sun, try to be as close as possible to the real feelings of the students, and create an environment where the students can naturally take off the coat of assumptions they are wearing.

In order to achieve this goal, we aim to create an ideal environment in which all of our staff members can continue to independently hone their creativity and expertise, fully demonstrate them, and work together as a team to create the ideal environment.


















Knowledge, information, education, and environment can help a person grow and change his or her life.

It is certain that for human beings, learning is more of a “never-ending entertainment” than anything else.

It is not only lofty and authoritative educational institutions that help people grow.
People can learn from anywhere and grow as much as they want if they want to.

By growing up, there should be opportunities to be active in society.

However, most people become under the illusion that only a limited handful of people have the chance to be active in society.
The reason why this is the case is because most of us are educated in such a way that only one answer is correct and all the others are wrong.

Where did this kind of education come from?

It’s because of the environment and the education we have received since childhood that permeates the unconscious realm.
I think it is because we grow up in such an education and environment from the time we are small children.

Creativity is supposed to be “something that is extremely free, as long as it pleases people.

In particular, many people who were not able to go to a lofty and prestigious university are convinced that “since I didn’t go to a prestigious university, I won’t be able to play an active role.
They give up, thinking that this is the only way to break through.

However, what is needed in the future society is the creativity to create an infinite number of answers.
It is not about finding a single right answer. Any one of them could be the answer.

If that is the case, then everyone has a chance to be active in society. As long as we don’t destroy the creativity that we have.

If everyone can “exercise their own creativity” and create “a new answer to make someone in society happy,” then not only the individual, but also society as a whole, will become a super positive society filled with joy.

That’s why I believe that Jeara’s role is to create courses that make people realize that everyone has the potential to create a new ideal future, and that they can naturally feel “I love it” and “I want to do it.

In order to do this, I believe that we should not provide practical art skills and mindsets in a difficult way, but rather in a way that even a third grader can be absorbed in.

By doing so, I hope to create an opportunity for them to release their suppressed creativity, even if only little by little, to grasp their own hope, and to proceed to creative activities more independently and freely.

We believe that everyone can believe in their own creativity and let it flourish, whether they have not received a lofty and authoritative education or are just starting out.

This is why we at Jeara use our creativity and expertise to develop our courses.


相互尊重 – お互いの価値観を尊重し合い、応援し合う文化をつくろう。

発見重視 – 「あ、そうか!」「わお!」」「なるほど!」と、自ら学び、気づき、発揮できる場にしよう。
創造重視 – 人間は本来、創造すること、表現することは好きなこと。楽しいをみずから生み出す子供のような大人になろう。
実践重視 – 知識だけでなく、実際に創ること、世に出すこと、行動に移すことでこそ、本当の深い学びになる。
挑戦推奨 – 変わること、変えること、チャレンジすることは素敵なこと。
逆算思考 – 未来の理想の姿から逆算してゴールを決めよう。
笑顔重視 – あなたの笑顔が仲間を幸せにします。なにより笑顔はあなた自身を幸せにします。ワクワク、笑顔で語りあおう。

Mutual respect – Let’s create a culture of mutual respect and support for each other’s values.

Emphasis on discovery – “Oh, I see! “Wow! “I see! Let’s make it a place where people can learn, realize, and demonstrate their own abilities.
Emphasis on creativity – People naturally love to create and express themselves. Let’s become adults like children who create their own fun.
Emphasis on practice – Only by actually creating, releasing, and taking action, not just knowledge, can we truly learn in depth.
Encourage challenge – It is wonderful to change, to transform, to challenge.
Think backwards – Work backwards from your ideal future to determine your goals.
Focus on smiling – Your smile makes your colleagues happy. Above all, a smile makes you happy. Let’s talk with excitement and smiles.